Palliative Care

Improving end of life experience for individuals and their families

Creating positive integrated care experience for palliative care providers

Increasing home visits - decreasing ER visits


Welcome to the Palliative Care Partnership page. We will tell you about why our group was formed, who's involved and what we are working towards.

We know that a small amount of people have access to specialist palliative care that helps people live well with serious, life threatening illnesses. There is a need for improved access to palliative care as the FLA region also has an older population with higher death rates than the provincial average. 


Current challenges

  • Access to palliative care is inadequate for many populations, including Indigenous persons and those in rural and remote communities.

  • There is a lack of palliative care for those who want to stay at home for their end of life journey.

  • Providers need better training and digital support to carry out the complex care for quality end of life.

Who's involved?

Community members, hospice agencies, long term and community care organizations, academics, palliative care specialists and municipalities from across the region are working together.

Community members include people with lived experience of mental health and addictions, family, caregivers, Indigenous and Francophone representatives, 2SLGBTQ+ and others.

View which organizations and FLA OHT partners are working together: Working Group


What we are working towards

Having a connected and equitable, community-based program for palliative care that will: 

  • enable people to remain in their homes and communities

  • be accessible 24/7 with a palliative care resource nurse who will be a single point of contact for patients, families and other healthcare providers

  • support providers with the training and tools needed

Palliative Care Partnership projects

The Palliative Care Partnership is working with Health Homes and primary care providers to increase training and capacity for palliative care. This includes building a regional palliative care pathway for primary care providers.​​

What is a Health Home?

A person's Health Home is where or with whom they have most of their basic or primary health care: a family doctor, nurse practitioner, walk-in clinic, etc.


A Health Home may include other health care providers that are part of the circle of care.

  • NEW MODEL OF CARE: The Palliative Care Partnership team has put together a business proposal to be submitted for funding to build:

    • a new model of care based on national standards for palliative care 

    • a new role for a palliative care resource nurse

  • PROVIDER TRAINING:  Online educational courses are being offered to provide practical tips for how to provide holistic palliative care in the region; the first course was led by Dr. Leonie Herx and Dr. Justyna Nowak in Winter 2021.

  • DIGITAL CARE PLAN: an electronic coordinated palliative care plan is being developed so FLA health-care providers have a standardized way of identifying people who need palliative care and of coordinating care.

  • SURVEY: a questionnaire is planned to capture the palliative caregiver experience. This will inform the Palliative Care Partnership on potential gaps and future directions.

  • PROJECTS: The Palliative Care Partnership has created a Quality Improvement Project Plan and has started working on improving palliative care in the FLA regions. 


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