Our Priority Projects

To help us get started on the work of building our Ontario Health Team, we are focusing on four priority projects that will help us start to make a difference in building more connected health care for our Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (FLA) community. Working groups for each project are made up of representatives from across our region who bring their professional expertise and lived experiences to help inform our work going forward.

Palliative Care Partnerships Project

People receiving medical care

Focus on palliative care


Equitable access


Integrated teams

Within our FLA OHT region, less than 15 per cent of residents have access to specialist palliative care that helps people live well with serious, life threatening illnesses. There is a real need for improved access to palliative care as our region also has an older, sicker population with higher death rates than the provincial averages.

Some of the strategies that the Palliative Care Partnerships working group are exploring to address this system gap include an integrated, community-based program for specialist palliative care and resources that enables people to remain in their homes and communities. This care will be accessible 24/7 with a palliative care resource nurse who will be a single point of contact for both patients, families and other health care providers. They will work with families and providers to connect them to the most appropriate resource and support based on the patient’s goals of care.

This working group is also focused on primary care palliative care capacity building and working with colleagues to better understand what are barriers to providing primary palliative care so we can create specific strategies to address these challenges. As part of this work we are rolling out online educational courses for how to provide palliative care support in our FLA OHT region.